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2018 National Battlebots

May 20, 2018 By Mr. Fogle

The BRHS Robotics team competed at the National Battlebot Championship in Pennsylvania last weekend. We had two teams competing: Zach Fogle and Quentin Marbello with the "Wedge of Doom" and Keefer Gagnon and Jaret Navarro with "Total Chaos". There were 70 teams participating, including about 15 college teams (Penn State and others). We were the only team from the western half of the U.S.

Both of our teams won two rounds in the double elimination tournament, finishing in the top tier of teams. Here is a link to the video of our competition rounds. Let me know if you are not able to watch the video. I am in the process of adding the video to the homepage of our class website at

Teams win by disabling their competitor's robot. About 95% of the battlebots had spinning weapons, but our teams opted for building wedge and ramming robots with heavy 1/4" aluminum armor. The battlebots have a 15 pound weight limit. "Wedge of Chaos" was the heaviest robot at the competition, weighing exactly 14.99 pounds. As you can see from the video, sometimes all it takes is one solid hit to disable your opponent. Sometimes the failure is with the electronics, hardware, or even getting lodged on part of the arena, as was the case with the Wedge of Doom losing its last match. Robots lose a match by not being able to move for 10 seconds.